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Instrument Rentals

Casio CT-S1 Keyboard, Jasmine Acoustic Guitar (no electronics), Squier Bass Guitar, Tagima Electric Guitar rentals:
  • $90 per week, $10 per day thereafter
  • $20 per day

Taylor 414CE LTD Acoustic-Electric Guitar rental:
  • $180 per week, $20 per day thereafter
  • $40 per day

                                                     Amp Rentals

Randall (or like) Electric Guitar Amp and Silvertone Bass Guitar Amp rentals:
  • $50 per week, $10 per day thereafter
  • $20 per day

Pro Audio Rentals

JBL EON615 (15" Two-Way multipurpose self-powered reinforcement) rentals:

15" JBL EON Mains:

  • Same day pickup & return for one/two speakers: $150/200
  • Friday-Monday rental for one/two speakers: $200/300
  • 24 hours rental for one/two speakers: $175/225
  • Saturday-Monday rental for one/two speakers: $175/250

18" JBL EON Subs: 

  • Package rental with JBL mains for one/two subs $50/75 per day
  • Rental without JBL mains per 24hour period for one/two subs $75/100

Samson Expedition Portable PA rental $50 per day

                                   Battery Powered Lapel/Lavalier Systems


Beach wedding? We've got you covered with our Synco G1 A1 (2.4GHz) or our Pixel Voical Air (UHF)  

  • Friday-Monday rental: $75
  • Same day/24 hours rental: $50

Additional accessories that can be added to a rental upon inquiry:
  • Speaker stands
  • Keyboard stand
  • cables
  • Microphone clips
  • Microphones

                     Do you need speakers, subs, microphones and accessories for your event? We've got you covered!                                                                                                      Contact us for more information!

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