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Ampeg Portaflex 1x12 Bass Speaker Cab

Big Bass Tone That's Easy to Move

The Ampeg Portaflex PF-112HLF bass cabinet packs a punch! The Ampeg PF-112HLF cab is modeled after the other iconic Portaflex series cabinets, but in a more compact design for convenience and ease of transport. A ceramic 12" Eminence speaker provides tone that is classic Ampeg, and the 15mm poplar ply construction reduces resonance and distortion for a tight, defined sound. Bring that classic sound to your next gig while saving your back with the Ampeg Portaflex PF-112HLF bass cab.

Ampeg Portaflex PF-112HLF 1 x 12" Bass Cab at a Glance:

  • Ported design for powerful bass
  • Big tone, compact package
  • Vintage look and vintage sound

Ported design for powerful bass

Big bass tone relies on moving a lot of air, and the Portaflex PF-112HLF's ported design makes sure you're moving plenty of it. Even with its 12" speaker and smaller cabinet size, you get a frequency response of 41Hz to 14kHz. You'll feel and hear a tight, full response without sounding muddy. And the selectable 1" HF compression driver allows all the nuance of your playing to come through clearly.

Hardwood construction for better sound quality

The PF-112HLF is constructed with 15mm poplar plywood, which is more rigid than MDF or composite materials. This means less resonance, so you'll hear solid, defined bass tone instead of the sound of a cabinet shaking. And naturally, the PF-112HLF is ready for the rigors of the road.

Vintage look and vintage sound

One look at the Portaflex PF-112HLF and you'll know what proud lineage it hails from. Its vintage B-15 grille cloth and black diamond tolex harken back to the days when the warm low-end thump of the Ampeg B-15 tube bass amplifier ruled the airwaves. The vintage-style look and vibe of this 1 x 12" cabinet will perfectly match the tones of the Ampeg Portaflex PF-20T and PF-50T tube amplifiers.

Ampeg Portaflex PF-112HLF 1 x 12" Bass Cab Features:

  • 200-watt RMS 1 x 12" bass cabinet
  • Ceramic Eminence speaker for exceptional sound quality
  • Vintage design offers an iconic look onstage
  • Rear-ported design extends bass response
  • 15mm poplar ply for durability and increased sound quality
  • 8 ohms

Get big bass tone at any gig with the Ampeg PF-112HLF.